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How To Make Herbal Tea

Making herbal tea or loose leaf tea is not a hard process at all but when you are just starting out, it’s hard to know where to begin..

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Making herbal tea or loose leaf tea is not a hard process at all but when you are just starting out, it’s hard to know where to begin.

First off, there are a few tools you will need.

  • Something to boil water in
  • something to steep the tea in
  • something to separate the tea (liquid) from the plant matter (tea leaves or herbs)
  • Something to drink the tea from

Let’s go through these and take a look at your options. I’m 99% sure that everyone has the bare basics at home to get some herbal happiness happening.

Something To Boil Water In

Option 1: The bare Basics

The bare basics here is a saucepan or pot with a lid. If you can boil water in it, you can make tea in it. So assuming you are going for this option, lets take a deep dive look into how to use a pan to make tea! 😉

How To Make Herbal Tea In A Saucepan?

I’m glad you asked! 
Super simple process. Add the amount of water needed for the recipe, cover with the lid and heat until the water is boiling.

There is one slight variable here though, some recipes like the Ginger And Lemon Tea (found under Ginger) will have you add the ingredients to the water and THEN boil it all together. Other recipes will have you boil the water first and then add the ingredients.

Option 2: Kettle

If you grew up “old school” as I did, you might remember your parents making tea with a kettle and teapot. 

If you have a kettle, you are halfway there! You can boil up the water in the kettle and then you have the option of where to steep your herbs. 

Something To Steep Tea In

Option 1: Saucepan/Pot

If you opted for the bare basic approach, you’re in luck as you already have the steeping pot!

Once the tea has boiled for the amount of time stated in the recipe, you just leave it in the pan with the heat off and the lid on. Once the time is up, you’re ready to move along!

Option 2: Teapot

I have to be honest and say that this is my preferred method. Let me just get a little esoteric for a second: I feel like making tea, especially herbal tea, is a kind of ritual. The making of the tea, to me, is a process of calming enjoyment. It’s hard to explain but having a teapot, something that is special and set aside just for tea making helps my mind connect with the tea and medicine I’m making.

Ok, back down to earth. Having a teapot that you use for your tea will also keep your tea cleaner. You won’t have any after tastes of last night’s spaghetti sauce or anything like that. And apart from anything else, teapots just look cool! lol


Because you will be using a kettle to boil the water, there’s no need to boil the herb in the pan. You will be adding the herbage into the teapot and then adding the water and letting it steep. 

One little caveat to this is when it comes to roots like ginger. Because they are hard and take time to release their properties, you might find it better to use the pan method. I’ve had success with roots in a teapot but you have to steep them longer.

You could always opt for a tea cozy or wrap towels around the teapot to keep it warm while it steeps.

Liquid Separation

Photo of a cup woth a tea strainer and tea being poured through it

There are only two basic ways of doing this. If you are using a pan, you can use a ladle or the lid to strain off the tea

Hold the lid on the pan but with a sliver off to the side so the tea can pour out while you hold the herbage back with the lid. I hope that makes sense.

You can also use the same method as you would for a teapot, a tea strainer. 

You can still use a strainer if you are using a pan to make the tea.

So, put your strainer of choice on your mug and pour your tea through it. 

I use a normal type, just a basic one but you can get some awesome looking and amusing ones if that’s more your style lol.

 Other Ways To Make Tea

Those are the main two methods I would suggest. They are easy and I’m sure everyone has something to boil water in.

Saying that though, you do have some other options.

Tea Ball

So what about those balls with holes on a chain? 

Well, yes you can use one of those but only for leaves and flowers. Stems and roots would be too much for a tea ball. I’ve never tried it though so experiment if you like, just let me know how it goes!

This is a very popular kitchen gadget that a lot of people will have laying around. 

French press

Picture of a french press

A french press is like a combination of a teapot and strainer in one. 

Its easy enough to do, just add the herbs to the press, add your water, steep and when it’s done, strain off the tea. 

As I’m not a coffee connoisseur, I will link you to some people who know what they’re talking about (very in-depth). Check out this post to see how to use a french press for tea.


Making an herbal tea, especially for medicinal uses, comes down to that old saying “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. If you really need that herbal tea, you will find a way to make it work. 

Loose herbs in a cup with the water
You could always just skip it all and steep the herbs straight in the mug like this photo, it takes practice not to choke on the loose herbs though!

So there you have it, the simple ways to make your herbal tea. I’ll be linking to this post from future posts to explain the method. 

If you’re new to this process, you might want to keep this post up while you look at the recipes so you can refer back for the method.

Either way, I hope this gives you an easy introduction to the world of brewing herbal tea. 

See ya in the next one!

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